1) All types of pumps for water & sludge waste water, Petrochemical, Mining pumping

2) Centrifugal plastic & drum pumps for different corrosive liquids & oil

3) Sea water performance pumps

4) High pressure pumps combined with Energy recovery turbine or Turbo charger for seawater desalination

  1. B) Energy recovery turbines

 We provide for low, medium & high pressure water flow (Kaplan, Francis & Pelton type)   from 5 KW to 15 MW power.

  1. C) Reverse Osmosis Plants (Sea Water, Brackish Water, Industry Water)

1) Pressure vessels, 4” & 8” – 300 to 1200 PSI

2) RO elements

3) High pressure pumps for brackish & sea water

4) Skid mounted RO units, based on the required capacities

  1. D) Measuring & control instruments, Analyzers: SYSTEM, ON – LINE ANALYZER, FIELD DEVICE


  1. E) Mixers

1) Small Mixers for chemical solution preparation tanks

2) Flash Mixers, S.S. shaft with plastic or S.S. propeller

3) Flocculators, S.S. shaft with plastic or S.S. propeller

4) Mixers for FeCl3 solutions, Rubber lined shaft & plastic

5) Inline mixers: static mixers or inline electric mixers

  1. F) Cartridge Filters

1) Size: Very small & big capacities

2) Element type: Wide variety of elements for different usages

3) Body: Stainless steel, special coated for sea water, rubber lined and or plastic body

4) Element washing: By water back wash, air flushing or combined

  1. G) Chemical dosing pumps

1) Capacities: From 0,5 up to 4000 l/h at 3 to 100 bar

2) Type: Diaphragm, piston / plunger & screen pumps with suitable materials

3) Accessories: All accessories for complete dosing station

4) SKID mounted form: for polyelectrolyte & other chemical dosing

5) Dry feeders for dosing powder chemicals, 4 l/h up to 850 l/h

  1. H) Disinfection systems: Gas chlorination

 1) Type: Cylinder / Drum mounted, wall mounted & cabinet type, vacuum gas chlorination.

 2) Accessories: All necessary accessories for a complete system.

  1. I) Sludge belt press filter, Mechanical Ticking

1) Compact, pre-fabricated Industry waste water treatment plants

2) For turbidity removing and disinfection of sweet waters GRAVITY and or pressure type Capacity: 20 m3/h up to 500 m3/h equal to 2500 to 62500 inhabitants.

3) Compact, pre-fabricated Industry water and waste water treatment plants Capacity: 500 to 20000 population equivalent

  1. K) Disinfection systems

1) OZONATION units small to big units

2) UV units small to big units

3) UV units for channel mounting, to be used for treated waters & waste waters

  1. L) Blowers / compressors

1) Roots or van type blowers & vacuum pumps

2) Turbo blowers for high capacity aeration units

3) Manual or full automatic screw compressor packages

4) All necessary accessories like air chambers, oil filters, pressure regulation etc.

  1. M) Pipe, fittings & valves

1) Manual and automatic valves. PVC, PVDF and stainless steel

2) Pipes & fittings. PVC, SS, duplex & Super Duplex

  1. N) Catalyst / Chemicals / Oil:



3-Adsorbents ion exchange resin / Membrane activated carbon

4-Chemicals / Additives / Absorbents


6-Oil & Grease


  1. O) Bearing

Industry bearing (for rotary equipment Petrochemical, Gas, Steel, Mining Plants)

  • Ball & roller bearings
  • Thrust bearings
  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Linear bearings
  • Plain spherical bearings
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Plain bush bearings
  • Bearing housings & units
  • Precision bearings
  • Miniature bearings


  1. P) Electro Motor, Gear box