Galata Trading & Company Limited was incorporated in 2015 with its headquarters in Turkey as a globally established independent and fully integrated international trading company, Importers & Exporters of main petrochemical industrials, oil and gas, Refineries, Powerplants, and steel fabrication constructions.
Galata Trading & Company Limited supplies and distributes quality equipment of international standards. With tested and proven supply chain capabilities and logistics. As a company, we have always been dedicated to delivering outstanding products and services to our customers. We have many excellent practices and procedures in place that have helped us to protect the quality of our world-class brands across each of our lines of business.
Our International Trading arm focuses mainly on fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) commodities from vendors, sourcing, transporting, Rotary Equipment, Electro mechanical Equipment, Instruments & Analyzers, Chemicals, Raw Materials, Spare Parts (main and accessories).
Galata Trading & Company Limited is a leader providing a range of different Equipment and services to our customers which includes wholesale products, distribution and logistics support. We are experts in supplying all industries of the market with quality products as per their requirements and specifications.
Our extensive knowledge of the East African, Asia and Middle East market has helped us in the building and development of long-term partnership agreements with customers from a diverse background globally. It is in our best interest to work closely with all aspects of the supply and distribution chain including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other entities. We supply equipment and fast-moving good products to a range of different customers, both through bulk container shipments of goods, as well as ready packaged products.
At Galata Trading & Company Limited, we are passionate about offering items and other fast-moving consumer goods. We strive to ensure that high quality products that influence lives in a positive manner are supplied. It is essential that these goods become a part of the end-user’s everyday life. After many years of developing a successful company and brand name in the region, Galata Trading & Company Limited are now recognized as multi- dimensioned and diverse goods distributor.
In additions, Galata Trading & Company Limited have also forged partnerships with Globally renowned manufacturers, suppliers and industry leaders from Brazil, Turkey, Germany, England, China, Italy, India and the likes for joint ventures and combined resource in attaining partnerships in global commodity sourcing in attaining company growth.